The national chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken"
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Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region

Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region - the territorial subdivision of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken". It was created on October 22, 2013. The goal is a consolidated presentation, provision and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of businesses, wide coverage and involvement of regional businesses in the process of formation of a consolidated business community.
The objectives of the RCE of Aktobe region is  growth and development of the business sector in the region, provision of institutional conditions for consideration of the interests of business in development and implementation of the state policy in the field of entrepreneurship, improvement of the mechanisms of interaction between business and administration. The structure of RCE of Aktobe region includes branches in 12 districts of the region, as well as in the town of Emba in Mugalzharsky district.

Nurlybek Mukanov


Town of Aktobe, 22 K, Sankibay Batyr Avenue BC "Kazyna"


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