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The production of local orthopedic mattresses has been launched

29 March 2017 - Aktobe Region
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Their main advantage is high quality and long service life. Many local businessmen successfully occupied their niche in the market, producing high-quality products, successfully competing with producers of imported goods. In particular, just a few months ago, the production of orthopedic mattresses was opened in Aktobe. According to manufacturers, Made in Aktobe mattresses are of a higher quality than those imported from abroad. LLP "AkBroker" was opened relatively recently - in December last year. After the acquisition of the workshop and the corresponding equipment, the production was put into operation and they started to produce orthopedic mattresses. There workshop employs four workers. They are involved in all stages of the production process. Note that on average the manufacture of one orthopedic mattress takes an hour. As the director of LLP "AkBroker" Yerzhan Khusainov informed, the manufactured products are sold by order. The main advantage of Aktobe orthopedic mattresses before imported from the outside at the factory is their higher quality, which is ensured by using modern equipment and quality raw materials. The high quality of manufactured mattresses also contributes to their longer service life than Russian and Ukrainian ones. The company's management looks to the future with optimism and is confident that soon more and more local consumers will appreciate the mattresses made in Aktobe.


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